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This page contains relevant modules for the end user role. An end user of Optique has high degree of domain knowledge, but does not necessarily know the underlying DB schema, or how to write SQL queries.

The end-user may participate in the development on the ontology together with the Consultant and expresses their challenges, needs and goals that Optique shall overcome or meet.

The relevant modules illustrate how to query for data by using Optique VQS, how to browse and view the results in IWB, and how to export the data for further processing.

Expected competencies:

  • Technical skills: Basic reporting skills. Basic understanding of modeling is an advantage.
  • Domain skills: Excellent knowledge of the domain including vocabulary in use, processes, stakeholders, type of information used (which information, to whow, what it is used for, quality of information, confidentiality issues, velocity, volume, variety, veracity, etc.)  and challenges associated with it.

Relevant modules for this role

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