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The Optique platform is a solution that integrates several modules developed by the different expert groups of each university using the Information Workbench – semantic integration platform – developed by fluid Operations AG, also member of the project.

The Northstream demonstrator is a specific setup of the Optique platform, including a set of scenarios related to the domain of manufacturing of products. It also comes with a training database, corresponding ontologies and mappings and a stream engine, which together enables users to get hands-on experience without the need to cope with a tedious setup, technical barriers or security restrictions.

Northstream Technical Scope

Please bear in mind that Northstream demonstrator is an deliverable provided for education purposes only.

Northstream demonstrator is a fully functional end-to-end solution for End-Users containing:

  • Visual Query Formulation System
  • Access and Configuration of Data Sources
  • Ontology and Mapping Management, including
    • Bootstrapping Module
    • Fully fledged and built-in Mapping Editor
    • Functionality for Mapping Analysis
    • Ontology uploading and visualisation tool
  • Query Transformation Component (virtual repositories)
  • SPARQL Federation Engine (Ontop)
  • Stream Processing Engine (Exareme)
  • Streams generator
  • A postgres RDBMS

Northstream Demonstrator Preview

Slideshow of different screenshots from the Northstream demonstrator. Use the arrows on the left or right of the image or the buttons at the bottom.

The Northstream demonstrator is pre-packaged as an app on top of the Information Workbench. While the database itself is not big in size, it satisfies the purpose of demonstrating the main concepts and functionalities of Optique. Optionally, external data sources can be connected, however, security constraints are often a major obstacle to overcome. Please contact us if you are interested in installing it otherwise than locally.

The Postgres database and the Stream generator connections are already pre-defined within the platform via the data source connector. Furthermore, the demonstrator is shipped with pre-installed “ready-to-run” configuration artefacts, for example, mappings and ontologies.

How to get access to the demonstrator?

Local installation:

  1. Install and run locally 3 Docker containers. Follow the instructions :
  2. Go to the fluidOps AppCenter signup/login page.
  3. Sign up for an account.
  4. Wait for the confirmation e-mail. This may take up to 24 hours.
  5. Go to fluidOps AppCenter instances.
  6. Download Information Workbench by clicking at the version corresponding to your OS.
  7. Unzip the downloaded file.
  8. Run Information workbench by following OS specific instructions from the Information workbench Readme file.
  9. Take contact with the Optique team. They will provide you with the Northstream solution App.

Usage of Chrome, Firefox or Safari internet browser is strongly encouraged as some issues are reported using Internet Explorer (mostly IE9 or below).

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