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Visual Query System (VQS)


Visual query interface is a key factor in lowering the treshold at which end users are able to express their adhoc searches.VQS is making querying independant of end users’ skills and knowledge of the underlying textual query language and the structure of data.

Internal querying language and data structure is abstracted behind a representative model -the ontology- of the end-user domain. The familiar vocabulary and structure of this ontology combined with the user-friendliness of graphical query building gives the end-user an unpreceeded ability to build complex queries by himself.


See below for resources related to VQS.


Resource: Optique VQS Demo Video (Apr 2014)

This video from the Optique YouTube page gives a demo of the Optique VQS. It first gives a brief overview of the interface, and then it shows how to construct an example query.

Warning: The video is from 2014, so there is a significant difference between the version used in the video, and the newest version of Optique.

Resource: Northwind Public Demonstrator

The Northwind public demonstrator allows users to test the Optique VQS on the Northwind setup. This is the best easiest way to test the interface yourself.

User: “demo”
Password: “demo”

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