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The query language framework STARQL (Streaming and Temporal ontology Access with a Reasoning-based Query Language) is an experimental implementation based on PostgreSQL. It reduces the often too large amount of data produced by streams by applying a sliding time frame. Doing so, it provides a smaller dataset to query but which is still relevant since data are refreshed continuously from the stream. Unlike others, it also features unique expressiveness in its language for inter-ABox reasoning while conditions prevent logical inconsistencies occurrances w.r.t. the conceptual model.


The Northstream demonstrator is specifically developed to address the querying of temporal data using semantic technologies.


OBDA Stream Access Combined with Safe First-Order Temporal Reasoning

StarQL supports querying accross both static ABoxes but also ABoxes dynamically constructed from a stream.

This paper presents results giving assurance that STARQL query can be transformed into, e.g., a Continous Query Language query over the backend sources.

Appendix A provides also some of the StarQL grammar.

Stream-temporal Querying with Ontologies

Description of the prototype implementation for the stream-temporal query language framework STARQL

Northstream demonstrator

The Northstream demonstrator is primarily illustrating OBDA over temporal streams of data.

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