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Installing Optique platform


Optique uses the Information Workbench (IWB) from fluidOps as integration platform for the different components of the Optique solution.

1. Go to the fluidOps AppCenter signup/login page.

2. Sign up for an account.

3. Wait for the confirmation e-mail. This may take up to 24 hours.

4. Log into the AppCenter

Once registered and logged in to fluidOps appcenter, fluidOps will provide either:

  • A local installation package :

1. Download and install the version corresponding to your OS of the Information Workbench (IWB) (for help see Resources below or readme file in the .zip package).

2. Start IWB.

3. Download the Optique core from App Center.

4. Install the Optique core as an App to the IWB

4.1. Move the .zip file to the apps folder of IWB.

4.2. From the menu Settings > Configuration & Setup  > Platform Apps menu, upload and install the App.

5. Download the Optique components from App Center.

6. Install the Optique components as an App to the IWB by repeating steps 4.1 and 4.2 above.

7. Optional: If you wish to install the Northwind tutorial or Northstream demonstrator as an App to the IWB, please contact appcenter@fluidops.com.


  • A Cloud based Platform as a Service

1. Please contact appcenter@fluidops.com asking for access to the Northwind tutorial or the Northstream demonstrator as a PaaS instance.

See Resources below for supporting materials.


Resource: Installation IWB help

This help document applies to local installation of IWB.

Note: After registration at the App center, you may download the IWB platform following the IWB link and follow the instructions given in this help document.

IWB forum

A google group is used by the IWB user community to share and discuss issues, ideas, etc.

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