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Ontology Management


The Optique platform only offers a limited ontology editor. Protege is the recommended tool for ontology development. The ontology file can be uploaded and vizualized in the Optique platform.


Several ontologies and even version of the same ontology can be managed by the Optique platform.

1. Once Optique platform is installed (ref. installing Optique), navigate to the ontologies menu.

2. Select your ontology file from a location and import the ontology using the upload function.

ontology management in Optique

ontology management in Optique


3. A build-in function to add VQS specific annotations is available. Press the VQS annotation icon.

4. After running this function, it is recommended to download the ontology with annotation definitions back to your ontology editor tool.

5. Edit the concepts and properties according to VQS requirements.

6. Upload the annotated ontology back to the Optique platform (see step 2).


Northwind tutorial module 2 Task 1. Ontology

Task 1 will guide you through the process of ontology modification. You will learn how to add two new concepts into an existing ontology class hierachy.

Note: running the tutorial with editing rights requires installation of the Northwind tutorial using method 2 or 3. To read the tutorial method 1 (public demonstrator) is sufficient.

Ontology Manager

This help describes the ontology formats supported, how to upload and download ontologies and management of versions.

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