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Data sources


One of the first natural steps to do after setting up Optique platform, is to add one or more data sources. Optique supports a broad set of data formats like relational databases via JDBC, CSV and Excel FileUploads, data streams, XML files or JSON. Each individual data source has to be added and configured manually.

Once configured, the data can be queried in their original format and schema through a polyglot data access mechanism.


In essence, data sources setup is a case-by-case exercice. A close dialog with the IT administrator and DB administrator is a key factor to successful data source setup. The resource below gives insight in the type of data sources that are supported and some key elements that need to be provided for each source type.


Resource: FluidOps Data Source Help page

A data source is a virtual adapter allowing read access to external in their original data model.

Note 1: Only links to other wiki pages of the Help will work since this is not a full playable demo.

Note 2: Proper credential and network access are the main issues encountered while setting up data source. Make sure you have necessary access information.

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