Statoil Pilot Partner Status Report

Credit: Harald Pettersen - Statoil ASA

Photo Credit: Harald Pettersen/Statoil ASA

The focus for Statoil has been to understand new technologies and investigate how these can be incorporated into our exploration workflows, systems and data sources.

The focus for the Statoil use case is to enable geological and geophysical specialists to formulate and execute complex queries over multiple, large and complex data sources. The project defines also requirements for research and development, and tests solutions for data integration and smart queries.

Currently, 2,5 years into the 4 year project, the project has delivered well above expectations.

The project is well administered and the cooperation with Statoil and the other partners is very good. We are impressed by the academic partners ability to understand the data access and integration problems we face in the oil and gas exploration domain and their proposed solutions.

The project is already able to answer queries about wellbore core analysis and stratigraphy that are not easily accomplished with existing tools and database integration solutions.

Furthermore, the queries may be directly executed, and their results imported and visualized in existing end-user tools such as ArcGIS. This is crucial to ensure a seamless integration usage of the Optique platform in existing workflows.

We also believe that the Optique project’s solution for data integration and how it enables end-users to formulate federated queries is a viable approach that has the potential to increase the accessibility to our data sources to much larger user base than what they currently have.

Eldar Bjørgeelb4
Eldar is leading advisor Data Management in Exploration at Statoil with a background in IT and Information/Data Management. Eldar has a master in informatics and has more than 30 year experience in the IT and oil industry from various positions both in service companies, research institutes and oil companies. He has worked at Statoil since 1992, in a variety of application, data and information management roles.

Role in Optique: Statoil use case work package leader and process owner Exploration department.