D2.1 — Specification of the Architecture

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D2.1 — Specification of the Architecture

The deliverable presents an initial specification of the architecture of the Optique system describing the individual system components, their interplay and interfaces, and establishes agreement on system-wide conventions and standards.

The deliverable is organized as follows. In Chapter 1 we start with the goal that an Optique system should fulfil and proceed with an overview of OBDA systems: we present a general architecture of the systems and explain why OBDA approach to data management is a good way to approach our goal. Finally, we discuss existing OBDA solutions and exhibit limitation which make them insufficient for Optique. In Chapter 2 we present the initial specification of the technical requirements and set of standards and conventions that members of the Optique project will follows in developing their solutions. In Chapter 3 we present an overview of the Optique’s OBDA solution architecture and we focus on each of its components, namely: query formulation, ontology and mapping management, query answering, and processing and analytics of streaming and temporal data. The conclusions and dissemination efforts are given in Chapter 4. Finally, Appendix A provides an initial specification of the shared interfaces and their importance in each work package.

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