Results of the third EU Review of the Optique project

EU conducted its yearly review of the project in Munich, Germany on 09-10/12/2015. The report following the review concluded that Optique project during its third year has made significant progress in both scientific/technical and dissemination/industrial outreach aspects.

The report summarizes that regarding scientific/technical progress, first, various components have been developed or significantly improved that substantially shorten the development cycles for formal ontologies as applied to large scale domain data. Second, end user generated queries of increasing scope and complexity can be handled by suitable rewriting and transformation mechanisms in order to allow big data access for a wide diversity of analytical purposes. Third, the distributed query execution engine in Optique has been even deeper integrated into the overall architecture, and the objective of cross-workpackage component optimization has seen successful results, among which the adaptive indexing techniques used for scalable stream processing.

arild waalerRegarding dissemination, the review team find that the project continues to produce numerous publications to highly renowned conferences and journals. Workshops with high attendance from industry stakeholders have been arranged, several uptake opportunities of Optique technologies have been identified there. The Siemens and Statoil use cases have been extended significantly in scope and analytical depth.

The review team expressed satisfaction with the quality of coordination and amount of cooperation exhibited among project partners.

The Optique project coordinator, Dr. Arild Waaler from University of Oslo is happy with the positive feedback from the EU year 3 review team. To quote his email; “Dear all, the Y3 review report just arrived, enclosed. Interesting and ecouraging reading. Congrats to everyone! All the best, Arild”.