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Scalable End-user Access to Big Data

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Accessing Big Data
We are surrounded by vast and steadily increasing amounts of data, be it in industrial or personal contexts. In order to maintain a leading position in industry, one soon finds that it is paramount to not only handle this explosion of information effectively, but also to be able to access important data at a moment’s notice.

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The Optique platform is a solution that integrates several modules developed by the different expert groups of each university using the Information Workbench – semantic integration platform – developed by fluid Operations AG, also member of the project.

The Northwind tutorial is a specific setup of the Optique platform, including a set of training tasks related to the domain of products and sales. It also comes with a training database and corresponding ontologies and mappings, which together enables users to get hands-on experience without the need to cope with a tedious setup, technical barriers or security restrictions.

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Public Deliverables

Publishable Summary of Y1 Project Activities

WP 1: Requirement Analysis and Evaluation

D1.1 — Joint Phase 1 Evaluation and Phase 2 Requirement Analysis

D1.2 — Requirement Analysis and Evaluation Framework

D1.3 — Joint Phase 2 Evaluation and Phase 3 Requirement Analysis


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