Progress in the Optique Partner Program

The European Optique Partner Program (EOPP) has now been established to disseminate research results from the EU Optique project to the Public, Industry and Academia. We are creating visibility and engagement through our activities and our website, which contains static project information and continuously updated news snippets, articles, events, and various types of downloads. The basis of our Partner Network is engaged companies and people (and their projects). Partners will try out technology, implement solutions, provide feedback and share experiences.

Currently we have ca 17 members that formally have signed up as Partner Program “Network Partner”, “Discussion Partner” or “Pilot Partner” and 9 potential Pilot Partners. You will hear more from these members in the coming months, due to the upcoming Project Optique Summit II 25 September 2015 in Germany and through Pilot Partner demonstrations.

Per Myrseth_399x600

Per Myrseth, DNV GL Energy

One recent Pilot Partner is DNV GL Energy. DNV GL Energy has participated in different Smart Grid related standardization and interoperability activities for many years and the CIM (Common Information Model ontology) is one such activity. A pilot using Optique and the Common Information Model ontology for Smart Grid analysis and predictions started this spring. The project title is “Application of Optique results using existing Ontologies within Energy (CIM model)”.

The Project Manager Per Myrseth (see picture) explains; In the Energy sector there exist Ontologies like CIM that could be applied within Optique to establish a pilot for Power Producers, Power Transmission System Operators (eg. Statnett & Tennet) or Distribution System Operator. Based on dialog with customers we have reasons to believe that the timing and scope for this pilot is good. The CIM ontology is a standardized way to describe many aspects of the electrical grid like; the assets the grid consists of, grid properties, interconnections, power flow measurements, states and more. Currently this ontology has to be transformed to become a full semantic ontology suiting the Optique platform. Many transmission system operators within EU are working to become compliant with the transmission system operators CIM requirements from ENTSO-E  (the EU regulator). Together with customers will DNV GL design, run and evaluate the pilot as a platform for Big Data and Analytics in the energy sector. Deliverables from this project would be (1) A prototype Ontology (CIM) and (2) A business case for the Energy sector.

Please feel free to sign up as a Partner Program member; There is no fee associated with the membership. Contact Jarl S. Magnusson or Tore Hartvigsen if you have any questions or need for more Partner Program information;