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Data is rapidly becoming one of our most valuable resources, and effectively exploiting data will be key to an enterprise’s future growth and profitably.

Optique is delivering groundbreaking technology for data exploitation, and the Optique Partner Programme provides access to world leading expertise in the development and deployment of this technology.

The programme offers three different levels to address different member needs.

The Network Partner (NP) level is suitable for companies that primarily want information and networking opportunities with industry and academia.

The Discussion Partner (DP) commits to try out Optique technology and give feedback. A DP will have ½ day of free access to Optique expertise.

The Pilot Partner (PP) commits to work together with Optique expertise to use and implement technology.

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First hand access to information and technology

Most data and information will flow through the Optique Website. But, some data, information or software packages will be sent as emails to registered members of the Optique Partner Programme. One such example is the Northwind tutorial (software/technology demonstration) which will be released to members of the Partner Programme.

Invitation to annual aSummit, to Conferences, Seminars and Meetings

The Summit is open for the public and will be announced via the Website. Other project- and Partner Programme activities will be sent out to members as special invitations.

Invitation to free-of-charge Optique learning sessions

All members will have a chance to attend free-of-charge Optique sessions, learning about Big Data, Semantics, Ontologies, technologies, opportunities and possibilities.

Access to Optique expertise

All members will have access to researchers and scientists in Norway, UK, Germany, Italy and Greece – renowned experts in solving Big Data issues and sound advisors to help, analyze and recommend a way forward.

Commitment to learn and test Optique technology and to give feedback

Discussion Partners will spend time and resources to get a deeper understanding of Optique technology and the benefits that can lead to. Discussion Partner commits itself towards Optique to share gained experience and findings.

1/2-day free analysis/discussion of Big Data needs and exploitation

Discussion Partners will get a one-time half day of free consultancy from Optique expertise.

Invitation to Optique initial training on semantics and software

Discussion Partners will be invited to attend Optique classes, which makes it easier to understand and utilize Optique technologies and enabling technology.

Invitation to Optique plenary meetings

Discussion Partners will be specially invited to Optique plenary meetings, to understand and influence activities within the project.

Commitment to try out, implement and use Optique technology

Pilot Partners will spent additional time and resources to try out, implement, test and make good use Optique technologies.

Invitation to research activities; to learn, evaluate, give feedback and influence research and development

Pilot Partners will gain both theoretical and practical experience on Optique related technology, and commits to share that knowledge with the project. Pilot Partners will have an opportunity to influence the research and development and as such ensuring the practical application of Optique.

Invitation to Optique deeper/adapted training

Pilot Partners will be specially invited to attend Optique classes for a more in-depth and tailored training.

Acquire Optique technology and/or access experts for pilot projects

Pilot Partners will have an opportunity to acquire Optique technology (software) and access to the actual experts that has created the technology.

  • Free of charge
  • Optique experts will charge for their services
  • Not Applicable

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