Optique Summit IV, Sept. 15th, @University of Oxford

oxford-skylineThe University of Oxford hosted the last Optique Big Data Summit IV, September 15th 2016. At the conference we reviewed project Optique claim to bring about a paradigm shift for data access, by providing a semantic end-to-end connection between users and data sources. The Optique approach enable users to rapidly formulate intuitive queries using familiar vocabularies and conceptualizations by seamlessly integrate data spread across multiple distributed data sources, including streaming sources exploiting massive parallelism for scalability far beyond traditional RDBMSs and thus reducing the turnaround time for information requests to minutes rather than days.

Due to a limited participation, we had the opportunity to spend more time to ask researchers and experts in-depth questions and discussions. We shared experiences from our Optique Partners on setup, choices, implementation issues and perceived benefits.

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