Optique presented at two major Semantic Technology conferences

The Optique project will be highly visible at both of the major Semantic Technology Conferences this year: ISWC  and ESWC.

  • ISWC Tutorial: Ontology-based Data Access: From Theory to Practice

We will give a tutorial where we show how to overcome the main challenges in OBDA through efficient translations from SPARQL to SQL, considering mappings, ontologies, and rules. We will also tackle the theoretical side of the OBDA paradigm, and present recent theoretical development underlying different OBDA query translation techniques.

  • ESWC Demo: How to Stay Ontop of Your Data: Databases, Ontologies and More

We will give a demo of the query transformation module in the Optique Platform, and show how if performs over the recently developed NPD benchmark (+ 4 billion triples).