Optique draws attention at ISWC 2015

The Optique Project drew attention at this years ISWC in Pennsylvania. A total of 99 demos and papers were accepted for presentation at the ISWC. Out of the 3 accepted Optique demos, 2 were nominated for “Best Demo/Poster”.

“Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Optique showing at ISWC, and special thanks to Ernesto and Özgür for running the demo. The other talks and posters were also very well received — lots of people asked me about Optique and/or commented on how impressed they were.” — Ian Horrocks, University of Oxford, Scientific Director of the Optique Project

best-demoThe Siemens demo titled Semantic Access to Siemens Streaming Data: the OPTIQUE Way ended up taking the award. The other nominee from Optique was BOOTOX: Practical Mapping of RDBs to OWL 2. Optique Manager Arild Waaler is very pleased. “It was our goal to be highly visible at this year’s ISWC. That our demos do so well at a such a prestigious conference confirms that the research we do is pushing the state of the art.”

The performance at ISWC is not the only indication that Optique is doing well. Earlier this autumn, Optique Partner fluidOps was nominated for the Innovation Radar Prize.