High Visibility at the International Semantic Web Conference

The Optique project will be highly visible at ISWC 2015, the International Semantic Web Conference, also this year.  The event takes place in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on October 11–15.

Five scientific papers from the Optique team passed the conference’s selective peer-reviewing process, and were accepted for publication and presentation in the scientific track.  We are awaiting notification on some further submissions to the demo track.

There will also be three posters and demos highlighting different aspects of the Optique platform and its use cases.

Furthermore, the team from Bolzano will give a tutorial covering both theoretical and practical challenges of Ontology-Based Data Access.

And last, but not least, the project’s Scientific Director, Prof. Ian Horrocks, has been invited to give a keynote presentation, discussing achievements and challenges of applying semantic technologies.