Health Insight Open Workshop

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Date: 20 May 2016
Place: 5th floor, Ole Johan Dahls hus, 5th floor (room 5462), Informatikksalen
Time: 09:00-16:30

The Health Insight Open Workshop will be hosted in collaboration with Optique Project Friday 20 May.


Funded by NFR IKTpluss as a pre-project, 1-year funding with the following objectives:

  • build community and partnerships that will advance Norway’s use of healthcare big data
  • work towards technological and institutional infrastructure needed for accessing and integrating individual and population- based healthcare data for analysis
  • develop and evaluate demos for querying and exploring large integrated datasets
  • promote further research in the area of big healthcare data and disseminate innovative ideas for improving services in Norwegian public healthcare institutions by integrating existing data sources

Purpose of the workshop: Bring together the community to meet and discuss steps to advance Norway’s use of healthcare big data

Summary: Huge quantities of complex and diverse data are generated everyday in healthcare institutions, including clinical documentation (diagnostics, lab data, imaging data, etc.), administrative data, activities and cost data, and R&D data from clinical trials. These data pools currently remain locked in silos that do not communicate. The power to query across these interrelated healthcare datasets and perform advanced analytics promises to revolutionize healthcare services. Numerous stakeholders can benefit, including service providers, pharmaceutical and medical products industries, as well as patients themselves. We have invited speakers to talk about a broad range of topics related to connecting and and analyzing health-care datasets.



Afterwards, for those interested:
Open Discussion: Identification/road map of the scientific challenges in medical big data computing

Please either register here, or send an e-mail by May 18th to if you plan to attend, so we know how many lunches to order.

More information about the workshop can be found on The Intervention Centre website.

HealthInsight is funded by NFR 247784/O70, Project Manager: Laura Slaughter,
OUS, Intervensjonssenteret