Collaboration with other Optique partners

altoros_logo_plain2012Altoros is a new Discussion Member of the renowned EU Project Optique. We have not yet been an active partner, but we are constantly bumping into big data projects that requires Optique solutions or very similar type of solutions. We as any other IT/IS provider, are engaged to provide users with the best solutions for an adapted, scalable and effective access. Also, many of our users would like to have effective solutions to integrate data from multiple distributed static and dynamic data sources, and perhaps from unstructured document archives. We have studied Optique’s approach for ontology based solutions, mapping, corporate vocabulary queries, search and retrieval of data for effective data analysis, and we find this to be in line with our thinking.

“Altoros is excited by the opportunities the Optique project offers to our ongoing efforts in improving the state of the world by powering the big data use cases,” noted Jan-Terje Nordlien. According to Jan-Terje, the company is open to collaborate with other Optique Partners, inviting partners to participate in suitable Altoros projects, as we expect partners to invite Altoros into their projects. Altoros has a large list of big data projects, representing several business areas: Music Recording Companies, Telecom, HealthCare/Pharma, Sport, Manufacturing, Cloud solutions, Software Companies, Utilities and Energy, and would be more than happy to discuss mutual opportunities.

Altoros provides big data and Platform-as-a-Service expertise to enterprises and technology vendors around the world. Focusing on cloud-native development, the company has proven track record of serving customers using NoSQL, Hadoop, TensorFlow, and other data-driven technologies. Altoros also brings “software assembly lines” to large organizations through training, deployment, and integration of solutions offered by the Cloud Foundry ecosystem: GE’s Predix, IBM Bluemix, Pivotal CF, etc. With 300+ employees across 8 countries, Altoros is the company behind some of the world’s largest Cloud Foundry deployments.

jan-terje-nordlienFor more information, visit, or follow @altoros. Jan-Terje Nordlien, CEO at Altoros Norge AS, established a Norwegian branch of Altoros in 2009, serving hundreds of technology customers since then. Looking forward hearing from you!