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Jarl S. Magnusson works at DNVGL. He leads the Optique Partner Program.

Big Data Value Association (BDVA) summit in Madrid

Optique presented work results and plans for the Partner Program at the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) summit in Madrid 17-19 June 2015. The Optique project participated with an exhibition stand at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid hosted by the BDVA 2015 summit. The stand was frequently visited during the summit. Tore Hartvigsen and Arild Waaler manned […]

Partner Program Coordinator

Jarl S. Magnusson, known by his nickname “Jalle” is an experienced Information Manager with background from a broad range of industries. Besides technical skills in information management and information security, his professional interests are in particular focused on treating information as a strategic resource. From that perspective build new competitive businesses and be safer, smarter and greener. Jarl […]

Progress in the Optique Partner Program

The European Optique Partner Program (EOPP) has now been established to disseminate research results from the EU Optique project to the Public, Industry and Academia. We are creating visibility and engagement through our activities and our website, which contains static project information and continuously updated news snippets, articles, events, and various types of downloads. The […]