Optique Partner shortlisted for Innovation Radar Prize

Optique Partner fluidOps has been shortlisted for the Innovation Radar Prize. The European Commission writes: The Innovation Radar started last year to assess the maturity of innovations developed within EU funded projects and to help innovators fulfil the market potential of these innovations. 14 shortlisted innovators are now competing for the first ever IR Prize. […]

Optique as a Toolbox for Data Integration

Data integration today is very much like climbing a mountain to get a view from the top. In the case of a mountain, it takes a team of well-trained people, skilled guides and a lot of time and effort. Once the team made it all the way up, though, they will have a great overview, […]

Statoil Pilot Partner Status Report

Photo Credit: Harald Pettersen/Statoil ASA The focus for Statoil has been to understand new technologies and investigate how these can be incorporated into our exploration workflows, systems and data sources. The focus for the Statoil use case is to enable geological and geophysical specialists to formulate and execute complex queries over multiple, large and complex […]

Big Data Summit #2, September 25, 2015, in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Scalable end-user access to Big Data is critical for effective data analysis and value creation. Optique will bring about a paradigm shift for data integration, data access and data analytics. It is time for EU Project Optique, Partner Program, Big Data Summit #2, to present where we are in the project, what we have learned […]

Aspects of Stream Processing

Aspects of Stream Processing Stream processing has been and is still a highly relevant research topic in computer science. There are quite a few research paper titles hinting concisely to various important aspects of stream processing, be it the ubiquity of streams due to the temporality of most data (“It’s a streaming world!”, [1]), or […]