Optique Demo presented at Major International Conference

In time for the 2013 edition of the prestigious ISWC, the International Semantic Web Conference, that took pace in Sidney, Australia, on 21–25 October, the Optique project produced a demo that shows how the components integrated into the Optique platform provide an end-to-end connection from relational data sources at the back-end to a visual query interface […]

Siemens Turbomachinery in Lincoln, UK, hosts Optique End-user workshop

On 8 October, Siemens Turbomachinery in Lincoln, UK, invited researchers of the Optique project to a full-day workshop.  The Optique project could demonstrate first prototypes of software tailored to querying Siemens’ confidential turbine sensor data. Engineers from Siemens Turbomachinery presented the project with challenges for second year research and development activities.